If that sounds like a dream come true, your life is about to change.

You had an assistant who could do all of the foundational design work for you, so you could save your time and energy for the creative, fun, and final design touches?

Even better, what if that assistant didn’t need to be paid?

What if instead of wasting time designing every element of your Showit websites...


Pretty quickly, you can end up pouring a ridiculous amount of time into a project without making a ridiculous amount of money.

And, finding creative inspiration to do any part of the project to begin with...

Formatting everything for mobile view

Organizing all of your canvases and text hierarchy

 Building sections, canvas views, and web pages from scratch

It’s easy to spend hours…

As a website designer, you already know that designing can take forever (and some of the tedious tasks can be incredibly boring).

Ashlie Thompson
Wolf & Willow Design
"I have invested in 3 different commercial canvas kits and this one has hands down been my favorite."

In other words? Being a talented and speedy designer matters more than ever.

According to JT—head of the designer community at Showit—in 2022 alone, over 1,000 website designers joined Showit...

Plus, every year, the website design competition continues to grow.

And instead, have instant access to hundreds of expertly-designed, commercial-use Showit canvases so you can build entire website pages within a matter of minutes.

Having to build entire websites, pages, sections, and canvas views from square one

Feeling overwhelmed about where to begin when you start a new Showit project for a client 

Banging your head against the wall, hoping you’ll knock loose a brilliant design idea

With this magical collection of design goods, you’ll be able to skip the absurd amount of time spent...

Told you your life was about to change. 

An ever-growing, entirely customizable collection of 380+ canvas designs for Showit designers, created by an award-winning Showit Design Partner, so you have a gazillion and one options for content sections, contact forms, blog pages, and more—to build any view, section, and web page.

The Showit Canvas Builder 


Christy Jo Lightfoot
"Out of all of the other Canvas Builders I've seen this one is by far the biggest and baddest! No one else has this awesome of a Canvas Builder. It's the Crème de la crème of Showit Canvas Builders."

Rather than finding a pattern, picking out the fabric, making the measurements, cutting the cloth, and sewing all of it together—everything has already been made for you. 

You get to show off your stylish creativity by modifying and combining the sections in a way only your brilliant mind could think of, without having to waste hours on all the boring formatting and foundational design work.

It’s kind of like having a closet full of clothes instead of needing to make every item yourself.

What’s so great about having an entire website suite in your back pocket?

Everything you’ll get instant access to:

19+ menu designs

38+ blog sections

78+ content sections

12+ 404 pages

13+ pop-ups

28+ hero layouts

7+ forms

18+ footers

9+ Podcast sections

11+ testimonal sections

7+ carousels

8+ newsletter sign-ups

8+ link pages

14+ text sections

11+ mobile menu buttons

5+ store fronts

9+ gallery layouts

11+ portfolio indexes

11+ Media kit sections

5+ FAQ sections

5+ product descriptions

10+ sidebars

12+ categories

10+ IG feeds

12+ paginations

You'll also get a tutorial video walking you through how to access and use everything within the Showit Canvas Builder.

[and those numbers do not include mirrored or negative variations]

Everything within the Showit Canvas Builder is yours to use, even the stock photos are royalty-free. Do with it whatever you’d like. 

(Although, you should probably swap out the stock photos, just to keep things original. Or not. Up to you.)

Want to launch an entire template shop using only the designs from the Showit Canvas Builder? Go for it. 

Looking to build custom websites entirely from these canvas sections? Great.

Only interested in using some sections and building other sections from scratch? Sounds perfect. 

Ready to start offering VIP design days with total confidence? Use these canvas sections.

With the Showit Canvas Builder, You Can Use it to Do Whatever You Want. Seriously.  


2 payments of 

Most Flexible


1 payment of

Best For Saving Money

Ready for life as Showit website designer to get a whole lot easier?

- You,

three seconds after you get insider access and discover how many beautiful designs are now yours to use for endless possibilities.

“I cannot believe how much is included for the price.” 

With a gazillion canvas sections for you to use, you’ll be able to offer services like VIP days, knowing you’ve got what it takes to get actually get it done in a day.


When you’re able to finish projects with lightning speed, you’ll have all the time you need to perfect everything, delivering high-quality design to your clients every time.


When you can design faster, you can take on more projects than ever before, which means more money in your pocket while working less.


With extra time on your hands, you’ll be able to experiment and lean into your creative flow, giving your designs a unique edge that stands out from all of your competitors’ work.


With ready-to-edit section templates, you’ll be able to build entire websites within hours, cutting your old timelines in half or more...probably more.

Finish With Lightning Speed

With access to hundreds of designs, you’ll no longer have to waste hours on formatting and designing every single section from scratch.

Save Buckets Of Time

A Few of the Ways the Showit Canvas Builder Will Change Your Life Forever

But it will probably take a little longer because there are so many options to choose from.

When I say you could design something within a matter of minutes,
I mean it.

Those same 6 sections used to build a completely original design! 

6 sections from the Showit Canvas Builder

Even though you’re using sections from the Showit Canvas Builder, no one will know…

All you have to do is pull in the sections and watch all of the colors and fonts automatically update to reflect your client’s branding, thanks to having already set up everything in Showit. 

Adding a section or a sales page to a past client’s site has never been easier.

Updating past clients’ Showit websites? A walk in the park.

There would be a one in 2.116 septillion chance that they would create the exact same Showit website that you do… and that’s if they didn’t customize anything, at all.

So, if you were worried that your designs from the Showit Canvas Builder will look like other designers’ creations, let that worry go.

If Another Designer Was Using Only the Sections from the Showit Canvas Builder to Create a Website…




To use the Showit Canvas Builder sections, you’ll choose the canvas section you want within your design library and add it to whatever Showit project you’re working on. Yep, it really is that easy. 

3. Design Till Your Heart is Content

Add all of the canvas sections to your design library by copying and pasting the Share Key. 

(By the way, any time the Showit Canvas Builder is updated, your design library will automatically be updated, too.)

2. Paste Your Share Key to Your Account 

After purchasing the Showit Canvas Builder, you’ll get instant access to your Share Key. 

1. Get Instant Access

The Ridiculously Easy Process

Unlike a few of the other options out there, the Showit Canvas Builder doesn’t offer a handful of designs for different sections, it offers dozens. And, everything is properly formatted so you won’t have any headaches with mobile view, headline tags, or layer ordering because it’s all been set up correctly, for you.

There’s Nothing as Top-Notch as the Showit Canvas Builder


I’ve been designing on Showit for the last seven years, which is practically forever. In fact, I believe, I was the 18th ever person to become a Showit Design Partner! 

Design is not some cutesy hobby of mine—it’s what I eat, sleep, and breathe. And with the help of my design team, I’ve built over 5,000 websites, templates included. 

I’ve also won awards like impacting 500+ Showiteers with my templates and website designs (only because they didn’t yet have an award for 750), Showit Website Template of the Year in 2021, and Most Innovative Female Website Designer of Scotland in 2022. 

(Although, I don’t know why they needed to include “female”...)

I’ve got loads of experience—and some might say, a bit of a design obsession—and all of the things I’ve learned about designing beautifully and properly have been poured into the Showit Canvas Builder, to share with you so that your design business can explode.

I’m Gillian - an international award-winning Showit website and blog designer.


When I first started designing, I spent so much time staring at a blank canvas trying to come up with where to start.

But if I had had something like this? I would have been way more creative.

I know that may sound counterintuitive. After all, the Showit Canvas Builder is full of designs made by another designer, but you and I both know that the foundational stuff is the boring stuff. 

The creative touches that only you can think of are what transform a website from a “meh” online space to a breathtaking masterpiece. 

And with the Showit Canvas Builder, you’ll have the foundational work taken care of for you, so you have the time and energy to unlock your creative genius and build websites that take people’s breath away.


If you’ve ever found yourself desperately wishing you had the time and energy for more creativity when designing… 

Making loads more money because you’re finishing projects 10x faster.

Offering high-ticket VIP services AND selling Showit website templates because you’ve got all the resources you need to whip up entire websites within a matter of hours.

Having buckets of time for the creative touches that leave your clients swooning and help you stand out from all of your competition.

Getting things done faster than you said you would, resulting in raving reviews from your clients.

Feeling positively relieved, knowing that all of your sections are perfectly formatted and ready for your magic design touch.

Thrilled to begin a new project because you won’t have to build anything from scratch that you don’t absolutely want to.

Never having to fear the dreaded designer’s block again because you have hundreds of designs to play with until inspiration takes over.

You, After the Showit Canvas Builder:

Working all the time feeling like you have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Dreaming about the day that you’ll be a fast enough designer to offer VIP days or have enough free time to build and sell Showit website templates.

Spending so much time doing the foundational design work that you’re ready for the project to be over before you’ve finished it.

Pushing back deadlines because things take longer than you thought they would, resulting in upset clients.

Spending hours formatting everything from H tags, to layer orders, to mobile view, and more; craving more creative work.

Dreading the boring, beginning stages of building sections and canvas views from scratch for any new project you start.

Opening up your list of saved websites with a sigh, and scrolling through them until design inspiration strikes.

You, Before the Showit Canvas Builder:


2 payments of 

Most Flexible


1 payment of

Best Bang for Your Buck

Ready to finish projects in record time?


The Showit Canvas Builder is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Wants to start offering, design days without worrying you won’t be able to get everything done in time

Is looking for a collection of design ideas so you never have to feel overwhelmed or uninspired about where to start again

Is ready to speed up the design process by 10x so you can take on more projects and make more money 

Wants to sell website templates, but doesn’t want to spend months building them 

Is just getting started and would love to have a design library full of ready-to-edit canvas sections

If you’re a Showit website designer who…

a few months after purchasing the Showit Canvas Builder

- You,

“What used to take me days now takes me minutes. My design skills have skyrocketed and I’m making more money than ever before.” 

Absolutely! The Showit Canvas Builder gives you unlimited commercial use so you can use everything within it to build anything you want. Whether that’s a custom design project, designing and selling website templates of your own, or using certain sections here and there as you please—that’s all perfectly fine. 

The only thing you can’t do is sell the individual canvases inside of the Showit Canvas Builder yourself. 

Can I use the Showit Canvas Builder to create and sell templates?

When you buy the Showit Canvas Builder, you’ll have lifetime access to everything within it. Whatever gets added on, whenever it gets added on, will instantly be yours to use, at no additional cost.

And because the Showit Canvas Builder lives within your Showit account, any updates to it are automatically added to your design library. In other words, you’ll have instant access to anything added without having to re-download or re-enter your Share Key.


1,000 percent yes. As a Showit designer, I know how incredibly important proper formatting is. That’s why each and every design has been done for you so, depending on how much you change the original design, you’ll have minimal to no edits to make. 


While anyone can purchase the Showit Canvas Builder, you should have an understanding of designing on Showit. If you’re a designer who is just getting started, or if you want to start designing websites for clients, this is an excellent tool to have.



Unlock the gates to your creativity. Design a gazillion times faster. And become an unstoppable, wildly impressive, I-can’t-believe-you-can-do-it-that-fast type of designer.

Get access to 420+, expertly-crafted Showit canvas templates to use and customize however you’d like. 

Ana Quijano
"It's a no-brainer offer. Imagine the ease it'll give you and the time it'll save you. It's like offering a website in a day is possible and doable because of The Showit Canvas Builder."

Still not convinced?

Grab 10 of our canvases for free, and have a play around.